Handmade Waist Beads and Jewelry

All Items are Handmade with love, healing, and protection

Each piece serves its own purpose

Live Lit waist beads are beautifully handcrafted jewelry made to promote self love, protection, healing, and bring positive energy!!  Waist beads can also be worn to help track and promote weight loss!
These pieces are strung with nylon thread (non stretchy) with removable clasp, and infused with essential oils for relaxation, immunity, focus, and detox. 
These beads are cleansed, blessed, and have a prayer of protection on them.

Each strand is recharged with crystals and essential oils to ensure it’s fully charged and intentional 

 Beads are SELF TIE!! You will tie your strands yourself! Watch our tying video!!
Please be mindful of your size in inches when ordering your beads these ARE NOT STRETCHY!!

**Removable Waistbeads with a clasp are available. Message us below