Self Healing waist beads

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This strand is self tying and are not removeable. These waist beads DO NOT stretch!!!

These beads stimulate your access inner peace, healing and inspiration. 

Opens your creative mind and visions

Blue Calcite stimulates the opening of your throat chakra and enables one to better express the insights received from dreams, visions, signs, music, and art

These are made to fit up a specific inches or smaller.

Tying instructions are available on YouTube (Live Lit waist beads) or in our social media) 

••If you would like your beads removable with a clasp be sure to include your clasp request and exact measurement in the note box at checkout or inbox us on social media or email us at

** when placing an order be sure to know your CORRECT inch measurement these beads do not stretch so if you don’t order correctly they will not fit